Nationally Accredited Durable Medical Equipment LAB (ABC Certified)


We are pleased to announce our Nationally Accredited Durable Medical Equipment LAB has been ABC certified.

Some of the areas our lab specializes in are:

  • Lower Extremity Evaluation and Fitting for:
    • Custom Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO)
    • Functional Foot Orthotics
    • Balance Bracing (fall prevention)
    • Diabetic shoes and inserts (one pair per year covered annually by Medicare plans - this is a big selling point)
    • Custom Sport Bracing
    • Foot deformities (i.e. Charcot foot)


About Tamara Muller, C.Ped, DME Clinical Director

Tamara received her pedorthist certification in 2018 but has been a vital member of our DME team since 2012. She has advanced knowledge of diabetic shoe fitting, custom orthotic fitting and has assisted with fabricating an array of custom braces inherent to the lower extremity. Tamara works with healthcare providers to identify the specific cause and solution of resolving foot and ankle pain for a host of foot conditions, using her expertise and skills to observe bone structure, ankle joints, nerves, circulation, and even skin conditions.

As a C.Ped, Tamara casts and creates custom durable medical equipment to help patients with pain management and recovery. Prior to obtaining her C.Ped, she was a medical assistant for ten years, specializing in podiatry, and has been a certified orthotic fitter for five years.

Tamara is very fluent in both Spanish and English. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and when visiting friends in New Mexico, came to appreciate the beautiful climate and scenery of the Land of Enchantment and permanently moved here 11 years ago. In her spare time, Tamara likes to hike the Sandia Mountains and the surrounding trails, as well as travel to new places.

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