Plantar Fasciitis

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If you have chronic heel pain that isn’t getting better with home care, the team at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico can help. At their offices in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, South Valley, Edgewood, and Grants, New Mexico, the podiatry team offers diagnostic digital X-rays to confirm plantar fasciitis. They customize a plan using conservative therapies to relieve heel pain and also offer surgery to remove scar tissue. To find out which plantar fasciitis treatment is right for you, call the location nearest you or book an appointment online today.

Plantar Fasciitis Q & A

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that describes inflammation in the bottom ligament of your foot. The inflammation can spread into your heel bone and interfere with your mobility.

While anyone can develop plantar fasciitis, the condition is more common in athletes due to overuse of the ligaments from physical activity. You may also be at increased risk for plantar fasciitis if you have foot conditions like flatfoot or high arches.

If you wear shoes that don’t fit properly or can’t provide quality support, you may be more likely to develop plantar fasciitis.

What are the symptoms of plantar fasciitis?

The inflammation in the ligaments of your foot can lead to pain when walking or running. Many people find their pain is worse soon after waking and gets better during the day. However, after resting your foot, your heel pain may return.

When pain from plantar fasciitis interferes with your ability to stay active, it’s important that you schedule a consultation with the team at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico.

How is plantar fasciitis diagnosed?

To diagnose plantar fasciitis, the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico providers take time to review your medical history, ask about your daily activities, and physically examine your foot.

The team also offers on-site diagnostic technologies including:

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays evaluate your heel structure to detect heel spurs, stress fractures, and other abnormalities that may be causing your pain.

Diagnostic ultrasound

A diagnostic ultrasound allows your provider the opportunity to evaluate the thickness of your plantar ligament and can identify scars or tears in the plantar fascia.

How is plantar fasciitis treated?

The podiatry team at Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico offers several nonsurgical treatments for plantar fasciitis, including recommendations for stretching exercises, high-quality shoes, and home treatments, such as ice therapy or custom orthotics to relieve plantar fasciitis pain.

You may also be a candidate for:

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy delivers energy into your heel to stimulate your body’s natural healing processes.

If you have chronic heel pain, schedule a diagnostic evaluation for plantar fasciitis online or by calling the Foot & Ankle Specialists of New Mexico office nearest you today.